Candle Wicks
Candle Wicks

Candle Wicks


Pack of 3 wicks.

Even after the original wick has run out, our candles maintain their fragrance. Instead of immediately buying a new candle, you can extend the life of the one you already own, simply by gathering the remaining wax and adding a new wick to it. Because to reuse is to put sustainability into practice.

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Em compras superiores a 30€ oferecemos o valor dos portes de envio no território continental.

Embalagem Sustentável

Todas as encomendas são expedidas num packaging simples e eco-friendly, pelo nosso compromisso com o ambiente.

Entregas Regulares

As nossas encomendas têm um prazo médio de 1-3 dias úteis para território nacional e 3-5 dias úteis para território internacional. 

Free Shipping

Free shipping on orders over 30€ on national territory.

Sustainable Packaging

Because of our commitment to the environment all orders are dispatched in a simple and eco friendly packaging.

Shipping and delivery dates

All orders are shipped within 1 to 3 working days for national territory and 3 to 5 working days for international territory. 

How to use

Remove the residue from the previous usages.
Gather the remaining pieces of the original candle and heat them in bain-marie, without letting them boil (too high temperatures will damage the wax).
Hold the new wick in the center of a silicone baking pan or decorative cup (you can tape it to the bottom).
Wait 2 minutes for the temperature of the melted wax to drop, and slowly pour into the chosen container. This process is very important so that no bubbles or concavities are created in the candle.
Let sit for 24 hours before using.


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For orders over 30€ we offer a scented ceramic + free gift
For orders over 30€ we offer a scented ceramic + free gift