Noites de Primavera

Scented Ceramic



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The white Jasmin pureness is combined with a clean ceramic design that emanates a warm and cozy perfume.

Aesthetically elegant, the NOITES DE PRIMAVERA ceramic maintains the perfume for more than 700 hours. Due to the material’s nature, it is possible to perfume it again or use it as a decorative element.

White Ceramics and Fragrance.

Passe a fita de seda pelo orifício da cerâmica e una as pontas num laço.
Pendure ou pouse no local que deseja perfumar, como no interior de uma gaveta ou armário de roupa. Pode também ser usado numa divisão da casa ou no carro.
Light the wick and let yourself be taken by the fragrance. Burn for up to 4 hours at a time so a pool of wax is formed. This will ensure consistency in the next use. Enjoy more than 70 hours of wellness and relaxation.

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