Turn your home into a Spa

We all deserve an escape that, more than distancing us from the outside world, truly welcomes us. Even so, we sometimes forget that our home wants to welcome us as we envisioned it — as a space and history of our comfort. The room yearns to suggest to us the aromas that rise from our diffusers. When we look for…

A thousand and one reasons to change

Going from a common liquid shampoo to a sustainable and long-lasting solid shampoo can be a challenge. However, this simple change brings with it numerous advantages. The durability of a solid shampoo, compared to any liquid shampoo, is much higher, and it can last up to three times longer. This phenomenon is due to the concentration levels found in solid…

Rituals: The essence of wellbeing

Rituals: The essence of wellbeing Benjamin Franklin, American philosopher, and thinker was also one of the first defenders of the benefits of a daily routine.According to him, the implementation of small daily rituals was essential to maintain the performance of all his activities and to increase his quality of life.The secret would then be in the balance between intellectual activities…

How to wash hands correctly?

Hand washing is a basic but extremely important precaution as it avoids contracting or transmitting different types of infectious diseases, especially after being in environments with a high risk of contamination, such as a public place or a hospital, for example. Therefore, knowing how to wash hands properly is very important to eliminate viruses and bacteria that may be on…

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Offer of a candle dish, with the purchase of a candle.
Offer of a candle dish, with the purchase of a candle.