3 Dicas para uma rotina diária de autocuidado

A vontade e determinação em adotar uma rotina de hábitos saudáveis são os principais fatores que dão início ao ciclo infindável do bem-estar, físico e emocional. Uma vez dentro dele, os comportamentos de autocuidado manifestam-se espontaneamente. O cuidado pessoal traz benefícios que prevalecem em momentos de stress e incerteza, melhorando o nosso humor e aliviando o cansaço. Descubra as 3…

The ideal fragrance for your home

Our home is a haven. It’s in its comfort that our senses awaken and relax as one. Discover the fragrances we have chosen so that you can bring about the right ambiance for each room and inspire sweet scented memories. HallwayDesigned to exude freshness and serenity, the Algae Diffuser is one of our choices. Its fragrance can shift the energy…

Traveling and Finding Yourself

For many people, traveling is just as much a part of a healthy lifestyle as eating well, working out, and meditating. It helps to overcome personal limits and discover ways of life different from ours, which makes us grow. By immersing yourself in other cultures, you can become more aware of your place in the world. When you challenge yourself…

Brisa Dourada

Remember the long summer afternoons … Created with the long Summer days in mind and the hydration needs of your skin and hair after a long day in the sun, this new line, part of our CAMPO collection, conveys the peace of the vast summer fields, lightly kissed by a late afternoon breeze.Full of wisdom, nature restores the balance of…

The advantages of using solid shampoo

Save money and protect the environment?Discover the benefits of using solid shampoo. Less use of plastic and greater durability are just some of the benefits of solid shampoo.In addition to reducing the various plastic packaging in your bathroom, the solid shampoo is composed of more than 85% of ingredients of natural origin that give it a vegan and PH neutral…

The life cycle of a solid shampoo

We say it openly: the promotion of solid shampoo instead of liquid shampoo should be the order of the day in our industry. In addition to promoting a huge production of disposable plastics, common liquid shampoos use 80% to 95% of water in their formulation, which leads not only to the waste of the most important planetary resources but also…

The desire of an aroma

Between us, there is a confidentiality that is guided only by the scent. Maybe our consciousness doesn’t know how to explain what attracts us in someone’s fragrance – but our nose understands it perfectly. While it doesn’t take a lot of science to recognize it, it’s been proven how our choices go hand in hand with aromatic pleasure. At the…

Flor dos Poemas

The days change with the arrival of spring. The singing of birds follows the rays of the sun, now an early riser, and increasingly warmer. The light breeze from the fields awakens the delicate aromas of the most ethereal flowers, ready to bloom and colour an entire landscape. Bees and dragonflies, butterflies and ladybirds feed on the purest nectars that…

A Daily Love

Love yourself today and tomorrow.Love yourself now and also later. Love every wrinkle,every curve and every flawevery gesture and every dreamyou carry within your breast. Make yourself your hero,your muse, your inspiration.Make yourself the answerand turn every “no” into a “yes”. Love yourself, because love does not costand set aside all prejudice.Love yourself and love the world.Make love your concept.

Our Manifesto for 2022

2022 A new year that we look forward to with eagerness and expectation. A new year that will reflect all the learnings of the past and the constant search for a richer future. But above all, a new year that we face with only one great goal: your well-being. At Real Saboaria we believe that 2022 will bring more hope…

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For orders over 20€ we offer a 236g soap