Aromas: Idyllic pairings
Aromas: Idyllic pairings

We understand that it is not easy to choose just one of our lines to create the perfect daily routine.
Each scent and each ingredient represent a unique universe that we all want to be transported to.
Given this inner dilemma we ask ourselves: why choose just one?

So, we decided to study all our ingredients and scents, and create complementary pairings between them, thus allowing a deeper exploration of all our collections in a much richer ritual.

For days of freshness and inner lightness, the delicacy of the Noites de Primavera line and the simplicity of Efémera intertwine in a perfect balance.

On those days when the cold knocks on the door and all we seek is the pampering of comfort, our Bilros and Filigrana lines bring us the warmth we so richly deserve.

When the soul lacks sweetness, the Namorados and Algae lines, full of red fruits and sea air, bring back joy and freshness to hearts.

Find these and many more combinations on our website.

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Offer of a candle dish, with the purchase of a candle.
Offer of a candle dish, with the purchase of a candle.