Real Saboaria believes that personal care should be an everyday pursuit. It’s really that simple.


Our products are meant to keep your skin balanced. And balance is the principle behind everything we do: from the way we source raw materials to the way we conduct business, from the communities we employ to the partners we pick.


We believe in affordable luxury, delivering premium ingredients and providing exceptional results. Our permanent dissatisfaction leads to continuous improvement.


The history of Real Saboaria is one that is still —and likely will always be— unfolding. It all started with a desire to make high-quality soap and create real value in a market that had become impersonal. Starting in 2008 with a commitment to daily skin care and affordable luxury, Real Saboaria always aimed to become the honest, sustainable and reputable brand that it is today. As Real Saboaria sensitivity became unmistakable, the know-how and experience it gathered allowed it to grow further. Yet, its initial challenge remains unchanged: genuine care for never-ending improvement.

Passion and expertise

Our every product is a result of creative thinking throughout all stages. Carefully selected ingredients united with the expertise of our research and development teams plus a lot of meticulous quality control generate rich formulas, which we then finish with environmentally friendly packaging and transparent labelling. Our soaps are produced in our Lab within our own factory, which operates under the ISO22716:2007, 10401:2015 and 9001:2015 certifications. Here, environmental and quality engineers work closely with designers and production and packaging technicians to deliver a true value product, complete with lasting aromas, silky textures and moisturizing properties.


Real Saboaria takes its environmental practices to heart. Just as much as we do our RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certification. This means that sustainability is not simply a concern but a core belief we conduct business by. We are bound to transparency and compliant with regulations, which we believe to be the path to long-term viability. Conservation of natural resources and biodiversity, responsible development of new plantings and trading with certified suppliers is also paramount to us. The same care we put into the sourcing of raw materials also guides every aspect of our industrial activity. Water consumption, liquid effluents discharge, atmospheric emissions, energy usage, waste recycling, noise management and chemical storage are all handled in the most environmentally conscious way.

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